Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Miyajima to Osaka - 13/7 - Day 17 - Mobile Edition

#Miyajima to Osaka (couples hours)
[Day 17 S]
 ->  First off in the morning to Miyajima Island by ferry to explore
 -> Picked the hardest route up Mt Misen, one of the hottest days in Japan
 -> Got lost and ended up on the other side of the island, took hours to get back & i saw no one :)
 -> Set off to Osaka, I couldn't find any accommodation anywhere for Saturday night :(
 -> Lunch in the Hiroshima station, ahhhh so good after a hard days hiking
 -> Odori was lucky enough to let me stay in the living room of the guest house, absolute life savers
 -> Soba for dinner AMAZING YUM @ Odori
 -> Then to Japanese bar for a pint of Asahi and assorted condiments

Yufuin to Hakata to Miyajima - 12/7 - Day 16 - Mobile Edition

#Yufuin to Hakata to Miyajima (half days travel)
[Day 16 F]
 -> Set of from Yufuin around 8am

 -> Went to Hakata to watch the Hakata Gion
Festival, I went to watch a movie as well (Pacific Rim), had to wait for the festival to start

 -> Set off to Hiroshima > Miyajima
 -> Checked into Miyajima Backpackers
 -> Okonomiyaki for dinner, a local specialty of Hiroshima

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yufuin - 11/7 - Day 15 - Mobile Edition

[Day 15 T]
  -> Walked around the whole of Yufuin. I was too wrecked to climb any moutains.

 -> I had a burger made by some Yakuza looking guy, he was riding a modified zx6r from memory. I hadn't seen to many custom bikes in Japan, especially big bikes
 -> Dinner @ the guest house

Keeping myself cool!

Found a store that only sold Studio Ghibli stuff

Got stance

My Yakuza burger lol

Wind chime made from an Asahi beer can!

Residence been here sin 1877 DAM!

Feel like putting your feet in a hot spring? All the students were doing it

Walking around Yufuin town, I found this. I believe its an S13 with ssr professors with some body kit.

How to hire a car in Yufuin, I am so coming back to do this! Lotas aso Rent-a-car